Mars Roberge

Mars Roberge is a director who represents my Generation. With numerous Awards under his belt he has brought to the screen his visions and life experience. He is The New Voice for Generation X. The forgotten generation written off as tattooed drug addicts. They don’t mention us during election time and to be honest most of us are grateful. We were stuck13664566_10154158301980491_2048371636_n between a time of uncertainty and a Technology boom lost in the shuffle. We were the last to see the world with eyes and experience before the world was dictated by Social Media trends. You can’t buy us, you tried to sell us but Mars is here to prove we kept our souls. When talking to Mars you see an outsider who was always on the outside looking in. When you see his films you see the world through his eyes. He sees the truth no matter what some one else has to say.

   He moved to New York just another Goth DJ and Raver. Not fitting in his hometown of Toronto he went there for a New Start. He found sanctuary in the infamous Patricia Field’s store. While taking a job here he let his camera roll. He takes us behind the scenes and captures the Human Spirit and the search for a good time. Patricia Field has a soft spot for the disenfranchised and other wise deemed Socially awkward.  This was evident in the people she hired, disassociated people who came together and created their own community. While talking to Mars he referred to Patricia as a Parental figure. Showing love and compassion to a group of people who deserved more than life had thrown at them. As we look back and see the struggle of The LGBT community we are reminded that these people wanted what everybody else wanted, a place called home. Patricia’s store was their home. Before she became known as the costume designer for “Sex in The City” she gave these people a purpose and made sure they took the business and themselves seriously. While Mars was running his camera he captured the fun, and the seriousness of the time.  In Mars’s words “ Patricia just wanted everyone to be himself or herself. That’s all she ever asked”. His first film shot on a Hi-8 and a smart phone he took the award Audience Choice Award at New Film Makers Los Angeles. In the shadow of the massacre at Lit Night Club it was a bittersweet moment for the community. While receiving the award he dedicated it to the people who lost their lives that night and received a standing ovation. Not bad for your first film13659193_10154161807925491_4452502023881329119_n

  His second film, which is out of Post Production, is called “Scumbag”.  It’s the story of a struggling DJ who is forced to take a job as a telemarketer. The call center employees are drug addicts, murderers, and other socially undesirable. All the time our Hero is trying to maintain the only thing normal in his life, his girlfriend Christine. (Anyone who has worked at The TLA call center can relate) If the story line doesn’t catch your attention maybe theScumbag Poster Border_4_28_16 cast will, Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag and OFF!), Nick Zedd (The Wild World of Lydia Lunch), Greg G-Spot Siebel (Alvin and The Chipmunks and Terror Firmer), Tamas Birinyi (Producer on this film and Producer on the film The Tattoo Age), D.H. Peligro (Dead Kennedy’s, The Red Hot Chili Peppers), Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club), The List is long. It would be wrong to not mention Mars’s fiancée Debra Haden who is an Amazing Illustrator and Animator. Can’t wait to see this film. Go out and see what they have going on July 23rd check out flyer below.


Photos by: Amelia Burns Photography












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